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Naturandes - Peruvian Toasted Barley Seeds, Bag x 150 gr : Barley also known as 12,000 years ago, Barley , is probably one of the oldest Graminaceous used by man for food. It is an annual plant, originally, perhaps, West Asia and northeast Africa. Entered in Europe before the grain and now cultivated in almost everyone.

  • Has a detoxifying  action , it cure aches and inflammation of the appliance digestive and urinary tract, as it containing Enzymes  aid in digestion of food favoring assimilation in the body.
  •  Thanks to its content of proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals is recommended to prevent premature wrinkling and skin alterations.
  •  The content of sodium and potassium maintain the body's fluid balance avoiding excessive water retention and dehydration.
  •  Due to its content of essential fatty acids helps the metabolism of lipids and thereby facilitate weight management.
  • Prevents hormonal changes in women as it contains compounds that confer estrogenic, and during pregnancy is known to guarantee health of the fetus and is very supportive during lactation by its vitamins and minerals.
  •  At the same time its richness in calcium and magnesium make it interesting to the problems of osteoporosis.
  • By its content of zinc, barley consumption helps boost sexual energy and seminal fluid.
  • The rigidity especially muscular, shoulders and back, is due to an accumulation of lactic acid caused mainly by stress, alkalizing and remineralizing effect of barley is essential to reduce this problem.
  • In rheumatism (arthrosis, artitis, gout) where there is a strong tendency in the body acidosis, barley has a great scope for its power alkalizing their vitamins and minerals.
  • The consumption of barley is recommended for athletes as well as being ideal for the grancantidad respond minerals that are lost through sweating. Barley for its power alkalizing counteract the effects of acidosis produced during periods of peak muscular effort.
  • In  children , by be rich  in vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid and pantothenic AC, choline and biotin) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, zing, sodium, potassium), barley is very useful in periods of growth , in the lack of appetite, in the muscle development and mental  , and in case of repeated infections. 

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