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Total 100% Guarantee of Re-Ship  if the shipment does not arrive to the destiny country (Order Lost) or  whether the Order arrived damaged.

If the Order arrived to the Country Destiny and it is seized by Customs , the guarantee is not applicable and there is not refund of money

Note: In case of cancellation of the order, the money will be refunded by the same method of payment used for the purchase, unless by express coordination.


The customer must know the restrictions and prohibitions of the products in his country , will not be responsible for any incident with customs authorities of the destination country. If restrictions of the product purchased exists, Paypal , Izipay or Niubiz will not return or refund the total paid.


In case the shipment has suffered damages during the transport to the Destiny Country , the customer will have to communicate this situation to before the 48 later hours to his reception. In this case, will initiate the procedure of claim to the transport company to replace the merchandise damaged without additional charge to the client.

The customer will have right to the resend of the product without additional cost including the expenses shipment once the product has been given back to our facilities and the incidence has been verified.



The shipping time can vary based on the shipment category if the order was sent outside Peru. For products in stock, the habitual shipping time for  abroad of 3 to 5 days. In any case, the shipment is processed as soon as possible .

It will be come to realise a unique shipment when it is available all the product to give back, except in case the customer indicates to us the opposite. However, reserves the right to send the orders of form fragmented without additional cost for the customer.
For those products that are not in stock , the customer will be facilitated to by means of electronic mail the approximate manufacturing time
 that the manufacturer or supplier has communicated to us and he will stay informed of any variation that can arise from this term.


If the customer or the user accept our policies of refunds and Re-Shipments offered through our site, it means that he has read, understood and accepted in express form the set out terms before. It will also be understood that whenever the customer or user accedes to the site, he accepts of form express the effective norms of privacy. If he is not in agreement with our politic , the client will not have to provide any personal information, nor to use our service because he is not obligued to do it.