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Kidney Protector

Brand: Kaita Model: RIXIOMAX120
Kaita - Rixiomax Capsules , Jar x 120 Units : Composed by ponytail , hair corn , chicory, pineapple, celery and honey bee . These ingredients are used in traditional medicine for its diuretic properties and inflammations of the urinary tract, in addition to high pressure problems, fluid retenti..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATEMOLIEN15
Naturandes - Peruvian Emollient (Emoliente)Leaves Herbs ,  Bag x 150 GR :  The consumption of this drink ( Peruvian Emollient ) in Peru is a habit that dates back to colonial times. In cities like Lima can see peddlers emollient or 'emolienteros' very often, especi..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATCEBADA150
Naturandes - Peruvian Toasted Barley Seeds, Bag x 150 gr : Barley also known as 12,000 years ago, Barley , is probably one of the oldest Graminaceous used by man for food. It is an annual plant, originally, perhaps, West Asia and northeast Africa. Entered in Europe before the grain and now..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATLINAZA300
Naturandes - Peruvian Linseed (Linaza) - Bag x 300 gr : Peruvian Linseed ( Linaza) is a small seed from the flax plant, which has amazing health-giving properties. These properties are due to its large amount of dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals such a..
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