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Naturandes - Peruvian Green Tea Herbs Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 GR : Green tea is one of the most profitable drinks contributes to human. Among some of the properties attributed to it . Many of them are scientifically proven to be the antioxidant, It is good for weight loss and to even for the teeth. 

  • Green Tea is known for being one of the most powerful antioxidants. Its high content of catechins and isoflavones make it a perfect partner to fight against aging, assist with circulation and prevent hardening of the artery walls, among many other things.
  • Currently , Much  of the favorable  research Anticancer are discussing  about  the issue and it  believes this is due to its high content of antioxidants.
  • Good for the Prostate and also prevents various types of cancer
  • Weight Loss: It is strongly believed that Green Tea is can be very effective. In fact, some research found that green tea reduces fat accumulation in the liver and is a good agent termogenésis.
  • It has stimulants capabilities as it has caffeine  and helps to concentration and mental work.
  • Prevention of tooth decay. According to studies that have been conducted in Asia, the usual drink consumers of this tea have less problems with their dentures than those who do not. Latest research speak of also that green tea is good for teeth and gums.

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