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Ecowasi - Sanky Extract , Bottle x 600 ML : The Sanky is a fruit that is produced in Peru over 3000 meters . It is very rich in Vitamin C so that is used as a blood purifier, strengthen the heart and liver, helps with acne, skin spots, hair loss, besides being traditionally used to prevent..
Brand: Fitosana Model: UGATOEXTRC1
Fitosana - Peruvian Extract of Cat's Claw + Camu Camu , Bottle x 600 ML : Peruvian Extract formulated with ancestral cat's claw, vastly used by the Ashaninka. He attributed mainly anti-inflammatory effects, it is also recommended in infections, ulcers, and to strengthen the immune system. The i..
Brand: Fitosana Model: CAMUEXTRC1
Fitosana - Extract of Camu Camu , Bottle x 600 ML : The Peruvian Camu Camu thanks to the large amount of Vitamin C helps boost the body's defenses and prevent urinary tract infections and prevent colds and flu.​ Recommendations :  Shake it before using  Store in a cool an..
Brand: Fitosana Model: GRAVIOLEXTRC1
Fitosana - Peruvian Syrup Extract of Graviola (Guanábana) , Bottle X 600 ML : The Peruvian graviola tree is found mainly in the Peruvian Amazon. According to research conducted at universities on the alkaloids present in the bark, leaves and seeds of this tree, possess a cytotoxic effect..
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Brand: Fitosana Model: MACAEXTRC1
MACA FITOSANA - EXTRACT, BOTTLE X 600 ML:  Peruvian Maca is traditionally used to increase vitality and both physical energy and mental, also Maca helps to overcome problems of anemia and is used in cases of male impotence and the presence of calcium is recommended in cases of osteoporosis and ..
Brand: Fitosana Model: YACONEXTRC1
Fitosana -  Peruvian Yacon Syrup Extract , Bottle X 600 ML : Yacon contains fructo oligosaccharides (FOS), which are low in calories and do not raise the level of glucose in the blood, which has become the yacon in a natural product recommended for people with diabetes. Besi..
Brand: Fitosana Model: NONISABILEXTRC1
NONI AND ALOE VERA FITOSANA - EXTRACT , BOTTLE X 600 ML: Noni is traditionally used to boost the body's defenses in this way, Noni helps to protect us from disease and infection. Aloe Vera is used since the origins of humanity to prevent digestive problems such as gastritis and ulcers, as well a..
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