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Brand: Naturandes Model: JAMAICA-FLOWER-50GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Jamaica Flower (Flor de Jamaica) Tea Herbs Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 gr : Jamaica flower is a diuretic plant, cleanses the kidneys and liver and it helpsyo  reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes in obese people, among others. Enjoy a healthy and natural pr..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATKIWICHA80
Naturandes - Peruvian Kiwicha Pop Grains , Bag x 100 gr  : The Kiwicha grain (amaranth ) is considered a pseudocereal because it has properties similar to those of cereals but botanically it is not . This is a dicotyledonous plant. Its central stalk can reach 2 to 2.5 m..
Brand: Naturandes Model: ANISE-SEEDS-TEA-60GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Anise Seeds Tea Infusions , Bag x 60 gr : Anise infusion is used to improve digestion by combating acidity, flatulence and abdominal distension. But, in addition, there are other benefits of anise: Analgesic and antispasmodic. It acts against colic, whether stomach or mens..
Brand: Naturandes Model: CEDRON-HERBS-50GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Cedron Herbs Tea Infusions , Bag x 50 gr :  It is used to promote digestion and relieve digestive discomfort. It has antispasmodic properties that can relieve symptoms of indigestion, digestive cramps, bloating and flatulence and with powerful antifungal (fungal) propertie..
Brand: Naturandes Model: CHAMOMILE-TEA-50GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Chamomile Herbs Tea Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 gr : Chamomile tea has detoxifying properties on the body, especially on the liver. This drink is capable of reducing the pain caused by menstrual cramps, and if taken daily the pain disappears completely. The flowe..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATEMOLIEN15
Naturandes - Peruvian Emollient (Emoliente)Leaves Herbs ,  Bag x 150 GR :  The consumption of this drink ( Peruvian Emollient ) in Peru is a habit that dates back to colonial times. In cities like Lima can see peddlers emollient or 'emolienteros' very often, especi..
Brand: Naturandes Model: EMOLIENMZC150GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Emollient (Emoliente) Herbal with Apple and Cinnamon , Bag x 150 GR :  Combination of emollient with dried apple chunks and cinnamon stalks. This drink is recommended to help in the treatment of gastritis , and It is also a drink rich in vitamins and minerals suc..
Brand: Naturandes Model: EMOLIENPINAM150GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Emollient (Emoliente) Herbal with Pineapple and Quince , Bag x 150 GR :  Combination of emollient with dried pineapple chunks and dried quince chunks . It is also a drink rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and pot..
Brand: Naturandes Model: TEVERDENAT40G
Naturandes - Peruvian Green Tea Herbs Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 GR : Green tea is one of the most profitable drinks contributes to human. Among some of the properties attributed to it . Many of them are scientifically proven to be the antioxidant, It is good for weight loss and to even for th..
Brand: Naturandes Model: LEMONVERBENA-HERBS-50GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Lemon Verbena Herbs Tea Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 gr : It is a plant native to Chile and Argentina, although it is currently cultivated throughout the world. It is highly valued both for its multiple medicinal properties and for its ornamental use and the characteri..
Brand: Naturandes Model: MUNAMINT-TEA-50GR
Naturandes - Peruvian Muña & Mint Herbs Tea Leaves Infusions , Bag x 50 gr : The Muña Menta is a carminative plant, it helps to eliminate gases that accumulate in the digestive tract, avoiding aerophagia and helping to feel more deflated. Likewise, it acts as an antibacterial and ..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATCEBADA150
Naturandes - Peruvian Toasted Barley Seeds, Bag x 150 gr : Barley also known as 12,000 years ago, Barley , is probably one of the oldest Graminaceous used by man for food. It is an annual plant, originally, perhaps, West Asia and northeast Africa. Entered in Europe before the grain and now..
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