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Naturandes - Boldo Leaves (Peumus boldus) , Bag x 60 GR :  The Boldo leaves have a strong vegetal aroma, are used for culinary and medicinal purposes, particularly in Latin America. Boldo is related to the Lauraceae family trees, which are also used for its aromatic properties, such as cinnamon and bay leaf. The Boldo is a species of the genus Peumus monotype, family of monimiáceas. Tree endemic to the central highlands of Argentina, in the southern highlands of Peru and central Chile.
  • Stimulates the flow of bile from the gallbladder, helps digestion because it stimulates the salivary glands and also the stomach, is analgesic and removes urine infections and increases the production of urine.
  •  It is used successfully in gallstones in liver failure in biliary colic and when there is infection in the gallbladder.

Uses :

  •  Infusion : (This is the most common form of use). It is prepared with a few leaves of Boldo on boiled water is added. Take warm, preferably after meals. In this way serves as a stimulant, digestive and nervous sedative.
  •  Bathrooms: Boil a large handful of leaves in a pot with two or three liters of water. Then strain and add the liquid to the bathroom. Bath for half an hour at 35 ° C. (You can add a cup of sea salt and a tablespoon of baking). This applies for rheumatic pains.
  •  Wine: Crush 90 gr of boldo well and pour into a glass container which are added 60 gr of grape alcohol and a liter of white wine generous. Let marinate for ten days and filter. Take five glasses daily.
  • Juice: Crush fresh leaves in a cloth, then twist juicing. Throw a little of this extract in the affected ear.
  • Compress: Apply them in the face and head (to combat migraines). Place boiled leaves, wrapping the affected tooth (to relieve toothaches).

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