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Brand: Naturandes Model: NATCEBADA150
Naturandes - Peruvian Toasted Barley Seeds, Bag x 150 gr : Barley also known as 12,000 years ago, Barley , is probably one of the oldest Graminaceous used by man for food. It is an annual plant, originally, perhaps, West Asia and northeast Africa. Entered in Europe before the grain and now..
Brand: Perusana Model: HERCAMPX90CAP
Perusana - Hercampuri , Jar x 90 Capsules 400 MG : Peruvian Hercampuri is recommended because it acts as a detoxifier and diuretic, burns fat the body  metabolism regulating reducing excess body fat without risk of causing anorexia and reduces the risk of cardio vascular problems. &nb..
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