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Nervous Disorders

Brand: Fitosana Model: FITRELAXANAX100
Fitosana - Relaxana Capsules , Jar x 100 Units : It contains valerian, lettuce, chamomile, soursop, relaxing plants traditionally used to prevent stress, insomnia, anxiety and nervous disorders...
Brand: Kaita Model: KPACIFIS120C
Kaita - Capsules of Pacifis , Jar x 120 Units : Composed of valerian, lettuce leaves, soursop leaves, chamomile and orange leaves. Its components have traditionally been used for its soothing properties on the central, stress and sleep loss nervous system. Description: Dream Favors Hel..
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Brand: Perusana Model: VALERIAN100C
Perusana - Peruvian Valerian Capsules , Box of 100 Units :  The Valerian is one of the great drugs for nervous equilibrium. It is widely used as a sedative and calming hysteria, neurasthenic manifestations (insomnia, neurosis, abdominal cramps (colic), hyperexcitability, etc.) In meno..
Brand: Naturandes Model: NATAJONJ200G
Naturandes - Peruvian Sesame (Ajonjoli) Powder Flour, Bag x 200 gr : Our Peruvian Sesame is a very useful nutritional supplement for soups and sauces to make but, as it has no additives, you must remove the flour vigorously to remove lumps. High in calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, ..
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