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  • Perusana - Hercampuri , Jar x 90 Capsules 400 MG : Peruvian Hercampuri is recommended because it acts as a detoxifier and diuretic, burns fat the body  metabolism regulating reducing excess body fat without risk of causing anorexia and reduces the risk of cardio vascular problems.


  • Hercampuri is a blood detoxifier that helps eliminate low-density lipids in the blood. Facilitates circulation and due to its diuretic action is used to normalize blood pressure. Hercampuri helps energize the body because it helps balance the metabolism and improves circulation.
  • Research suggests that Hercampuri reduces excessive fat, this means it can be used to control body weight.
  • Then HERCAMPURI recommended as adjuvant treatment to reduce weight and high cholesterol.

                      Other effects:

  • The eritaurina (Hercampuri bitter substance), with glycosides and bitter principles, give cholagogue properties (facilitates the secretion of bile), choleretic (secretion and excretion of bile), Hypocholesterolemic (lowers cholesterol) and diuretic (increases the secretion of urine).

                      Recommended use:

  • Hercampuri is recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of reduced weight and cholesterol. It is also used to treat conditions such as liver and blood purifier. Hercampuri has effect choleretic, cholagogue and diuretic.
  • Hercampuri was already used by Inca Peruvian physicians. Its name comes from the Quechua word "Hjircan pureck" meaning "he who walks from village to village" in reference to physicians who used and who traveled all people using medicinal plants. Hercampuri is a major regulator of fat metabolism because is used to reduce of exogenous obesity. The large amount of bitter substances make this plant an excellent liver tonic,exerting its activity cholagogue . In this way reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol, known as bad cholesterol, mobilizing them to be transformed into bile acids. Its action colagoga facilitates secretion of bile and as choleretic helps excretion thereof. Is used as general detoxifying. Several studies in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos confirm these properties. Acute toxicological studies determined that the plant is safe, ie no harmful side effects.
  • Modulates the concentration of blood glucose in diabetic patients.
  • Improves gastrointestinal system previnienso of colon cancer and constipation.
  • Regenerates the intestinal flora.
  • Fighting obesity and overweight as having a high fiber content.
  • Improves absorption of calcium


  • 1 tablet before meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

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