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  • Naturandes - Peruvian Stevia Leaves, Bag x 30 gr :  Peruvian Estevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni)  or green sugar is a naturally alternative sweetener  to sugar. Stevia leaves are 30 times sweeter than sugar. It has 0 calories and is recommended for diabetics because it helps regulate glucose levels. It is also used as a natural diuretic.
  • Stevia will help prevent the complications of diabetes by regulating the sugar levels in the blood and stimulating the functioning of the pancreas
  • Are attributed different properties, of which some are cited below:
  • It is not  processed in the liver
  • You can use it without processing (leaves), liquid or crystallized
  • In naturally fermented form, has an antioxidant effect (or "anti-aging") is considered six times more antioxidant than green tea
  • Soluble in water, ethyl alcohol and methyl
  • No fermented or react with other compounds present in foods.
  • As "antiaging" in cosmetics
  • As sweetener, as steviol glycoside (pure white), presentations of powder, liquid and small compressed. or as food additive.
  • As anti-diabetic, as crude concentrate, brown powder, capsule type 2 diabetic, hypoglycemic its intended effect and regulatory
  • As natural medication in the form of naturally fermented with antioxidant effect (or "anti-aging") outstanding to be believed to be six times more antioxidant than green tea  and proven cleaning of circulatory system.
  • In the veterinary , the  leaves are used to feed farm animals and competition to enhance their development and breeding , and the pets

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