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Kaita - Peruvian Slime Snail Cream, Bowl x 120 CC : It is is used to reduce age spots, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and acne. Improves elasticity, firmness and texture of the skin, this thanks to its components: Allantoin is a great cell regenerator, the collagen one of the main components of the skin, in natural exfoliant Glycolic Acid, Natural Antibiotics for acne and Protein and Vitamins to nourish the skin.


  • The SNAIL CREAM owns nutrition, exfoliating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and Depigmenting.
  • Has proven effective for Mitigating wrinkles, stretch marks and stains on the skin (including melasma and brown stains that appear with the elderly),
  • To control acne and minimize its consequences,
  • Tor all kinds of scars, keloids and including those product cosmetic surgeries (including breast surgery),
  • To retard the aging process of skin tissue and protect them from the action of oxidizing free radicals,
  • Improve the elasticity, strength, density and texture of the skin irritation and aliviarr wounds Mild in the skin caused by hair removal (in whatever form), shaving (used as a cream after Shave) and prolonged exposure to the sun. 

Use: Clean the skin where it is going to apply the cream, washing with mild soap and natural. Dry skin, apply the cream to the affected area by a few massage gently until it is absorbed. Prescribe the Shell Baba Caracol in topical application of 1 to 2 times daily 

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