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Brand: Kaita Model: KAITAGRTEAX100
Kaita - Green Tea Capsules , Box of 100 Capsules : Green tea is originally from southern China, appears in the form of shrubs grown up about 2.5 m in the upland areas of Asia and China with a warm and humid climate. At present, green tea grown in the valley of Cusco.  Properties :  ..
Brand: Kaita Model: YACONKAITX120CAP
Kaita - Cápsules of Peruvian Yacon , Jar x 120 Units :  The Yacon is an Andean tubercle that despite its sweet taste, is excellent for diabetics, because the type of sugar it contains is not absorbed by the human body. Unlike other tubers, not store their carbohydrates as starc..
Brand: Kaita Model: XENSBELT100C
Perusana - Xensbelt Capsules 400 Mg , Jar x 100 Capsules : It helps to reduce body weight by its content of seaweed, hercampuri, caigua and garlic. It has Seaweed, natural source of iodine, which regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland and Garlic , that emulsifies fats while avoidin..
Brand: Kaita Model: KGRAVIOLAX120
Kaita - Capsules of Graviola 350 MG each Capsule - Jar x 120 Units: Graviola (Annona muricata) ó Guanábana  is a plant native to the tropical regions of South America, was one of the first American fruit trees introduced to the Old World. This plant is usually green..
Brand: Kaita Model: KCOLAG120CAP
COLLAGEN CREAM (120cc) Collagen is involved in delaying the aging process of the skin, providing greater elasticity . Kaita Collagen cream is also formulated with Resveratrol and Vitamin A, which contribute to improve their properties. Structural protein necessary for buene tate of the ..
Brand: Kaita Model: CACIOCORX120K
Kaita - Coral Clacium - jar x 120 capsules : Excellent anti-inflammatory in chronic diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and others.                Properties: Cytostatic antimutagenic and stopping the development of cancerous cells..
Brand: Kaita Model: KAITLEVCAERVx120C
Kaita - Peruvian Brewer's Yeast , Jar x 120 Capsules : It contains B complex, protein and vitamins, often is used by athletes and it is recommended in cases of anemia, malnutrition and muscle gain.Their Zinc content helps the growth of children Properties: Improve intellectual..
Brand: Kaita Model: KAITAXIOMAX120C
Kaita -  Axiomax , Jar x 120 Caosules: It is made ​​from maca, achiote , chuchuhuasi and other medicinal plants. These components are recommended in traditional medicine to help with issues related to the functioning of the reproductive system Restorer of sexual potency. Prevents prema..
Brand: Kaita Model: KAITCEREFORT120C
Kaita - Capsules of Cerefort , Jar x 120 Units : Product made based on ginseng, gingko biloba, maca, rosemary, thyme and walnut, to which the traditional use attributed to them by an improvement in the circulation of the nervous system which would result in an improvement in brain function..
Brand: Kaita Model: KAITHERGX129C
Kaita - Hergasol Capsules , Jar x 120 Units : Hergasol has properties digestive aids digestion, antiflatulent action, antispasmodic effect, that helps relieve cramping. By its content of cabbage helps fight stomach infections and is used to treat ulcers.           ..
Brand: Kaita Model: HERVARILX120C
Kaita - Capsules of Hervaril , Jar x 120 Units : It helps strengthen and tone the peripheral venous system, which improves venous return and improve the associated symptoms. Hervaril is recommended for cases of lower limb varicose veins, peripheral venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids P..
Brand: Kaita Model: FITOMACANEGRX100
KAITA INCA PERUVIAN BLACK MACA  - JAR X 120 CAPSULES 350 MG :   Maca Kaita is known to improve male and female fertility effects, but recent studies show that the variety de Maca Black has much more specific and marked effects on female and male fertility and improves learni..
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