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KAITA INCA PERUVIAN BLACK MACA  - JAR X 120 CAPSULES 350 MG :   Maca Kaita is known to improve male and female fertility effects, but recent studies show that the variety de Maca Black has much more specific and marked effects on female and male fertility and improves learning, memory, stress and be an effective solution to increasing physical fatigue resistance. 
The Black Maca is more effective for prostate problems, osteoporosis, as well as having the highest antioxidant activity. 
Female Fertility: A study showed that Black Maca helps boost the endometrium avoiding embryonic loss, ensuring quality enhances ovarian embryo quality, even if the mother is subjected to adverse conditions such as poor nutrition. 
  • Male Fertility: It has been shown to increase in epididymal sperm count and sperm motility, such research demonstrating its effect on spermatogenesis. 
  • Increases memory, enhances learning, increases alertness and concentration: The unique composition of the Black Maca promotes improved learning and memory naturally, this has been proven in scientific studies demonstrating its safe use. 
  • Combat fatigue, increasing physical endurance: A study showed that Black Maca had a marked effect on fatigue by allowing to have a physical resistance 3-4 times higher than other varieties of maca, allowing to reach the state is fatigue much longer than the other ecotypes. 
  • Solution to stress, improves mood: Consumption de Black Maca , is an effective alternative against stress, to decrease naturally. In men, stress was assessed using psychometric tests before and after treatment with placebo or maca. Maca stress scores decreased significantly.

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