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Delisse - Peruvian Micropulverized Tea Pwder - Bag x 1 Kg : This Peruvian Tea Leaf Powder / Flour  is the purest and and the healthiest micropulverized Tea Powder / Flour  is the purest and and the healthiest micropulverized powder on the market. It’s cultivated and procesed and Made in Peru by Enaco, a national government company. 

Important Note: This powder does not give any numbing effect if it is chewed.  The numbing effect searched by some persons is only in the Andean Tea leaves when these are mixed with the spit and they are chewed . The Traditional Use of the Andean Tea Leaves is mainly as a stimulant to overcome fatigue, hunger, and thirst. The use of the Tea powder is only to Medicinal purposes. 

The problems of triglycerides and high cholesterol can also start an effective shortly begin consuming Tea flour decline. Furthermore, also it regulates glucose and blood pressure.
It is indicated for people who suffer from depression, it helps raise the spirits and feel better emotionally. It can also be administered to children with hyperactivity.


It has positive effects for the Digestive System: Flatulence control, effective in cases of gastritis, prevents diarrhea, regulates the lipids metabolism and bad carbohydrates, is a dietary product and dietetic.
It has beneficial effect for the Respiratory System.
Stimulates a proper respiratory, prevents vertigo and vomit.

Prevent altitude syndrome (mountain sickness).
Help for the Motor Nerve System, fights arthritis, rheumatism etc.
Helps to recover physical strength and vital energy.
Reduces stress. Controls vocal cords fatigue.
It has an effective antiseptic and analgesic action.
Helps in cases of alcohol poisoning.

Contains minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamins and energy elements
Keep the container tightly closed and store it in a cool, dry place protected from light.


The Tea Powdered Delisse, has no side effects if it is given within the correct dose. The information displayed in this page is not intended to be a medical diagnose by no means.


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