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      Wawasana Digestivo -  Peruvian Herbal Tea Digestive Infusions, Box of 50 Tea Bags : Digestive Wawasana plants is a mixture of both cultivated and wild, made ​​to relieve indigestion, stomach pain and other discomforts. 

      Digestive and culen muña contains two Andean herbs whose use comes from pre-Columbian times and were studied from the sixteenth century by Spanish botanists. Both have been combined with others for their virtues universally known to improve digestion. 

      Enjoying a hot cup of Digestive after every meal and feel the benefits of a perfect digestion

      Description: Herbaceous feathery even 60cm of height, stem divided into branches, Inferior sheets, music rounded off or lobed, in them Ripe divided and feathery plants, catkin in Umbela, with white little flowers, seeds with Slots and característico.Tambien is a plant of aroma Herbaceous yearly and sprightly even 60 cm of height, with stem Round and divided into branches. 

      Medicinal use: Digestive, Flatulencia, Cólicos stomach, Afrodisisco, Tratamiento Of bronchitis, You Throw Out the gases of the I give indigestion and of the bowels, Calm headaches. 


      BOLDO ( Peumus boldus )

      Description: A tree comes from opposed elliptical, oval sheets, Coriaceous, rough, something aromaticas.Pecioladas, music of color Greenish and very gray aromatic. 

      Medicinal use: Liver, Calculos biliary, Fortifica the I give indigestion. 

      CEDRON ( Aloysia triphylla )

       Description: Yearly grass, opposed, something coarse sheets with borders Smooth, white white little flowers. 

      Medicinal use: Relieve pains in the stomach, You Stimulate the digestion, Calm them Nerves, Tonificante. 

      CULEN ( glandular Psoralea L. )

       Description: It is a shrub or tree that arrives to measure to six meters Of height. When child, this plant you have certain resemblance To the basil, and also his sheets have it; From there Comes his gross name albahaquilla. His sheets are Deciduas, that means that do not last for over a season, Falling withered to renew oneself at a later time. Music Also sheets that they find divided into portions, or Formed for several pieces, that is that they are compound. 

      Medicinal use: Stomach trans-lathes, Empachos, Diabetes. 

       CHAMOMILE ( Feverfew chamomilla )

       Description: 30 grass 70 cms, of height, of tiny sheets Lengthened, the yellow-colored flowers downtown, and petals Targets, sheets, flowers.

      Medicinal use: Severe colics of the I give indigestion and of the bowels, In order to combat the depression, It is a digestive plant, Calm the hepatic pains.

       MINT ( Mentha officinalis )

       Description: You reach to half a meter of height; You have sheets Finely furnished with teeth and his flowers, the fact that they open during in Summer, they form a group in the shape of spike in the extremity Of the stems.

      Medicinal use: Disinfectant, tranquilizer, Digestiva and the bile\\\'s stimulant, Slow digestions, Catarro of the stomach and of the intestine, Inflammations of the liver, of the gall bladder, of the bile, Against dizziness and The intestinal gases, utensil in burns.

       MUÑA ( Minthostachys mollis )

       Medicinal use: Estomacales.Carminativo relieves colics efficaciously, ( favor her Expulsion of gases ) Analgésico, Afecciones respiratory, Antiseptic.

       GRAPEFRUIT ( Melissa officinalis )

       Description: Similar- smell grass to the lemon of green yellowish sheets, , very small flowers and white notes.

      Medicinal use: Stomach, Cordial Tonico, Anti-Spasmodic, Afecciones nervisas, Provide happy dream.

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