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Fitosana - Flaxseed Linseed Flour Powder , Bowl x 400 gr : Flaxseed Powder by its high amount of fibers is a natural laxative . Cleanses the colon, prevents constipation, improves digestive functions protecting the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach. For your omega 3 and omega 6 is recommended against cardiovascular disorders and to control cholesterol and triglycerides.
40% of flaxseed dietary fiber consists of a third party which is soluble fiber and the rest difgra insolubre. Both are important for maintaining a healthy digestive system by promoting bowel movement and benefit the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol levels cardiovascular, very common due to the lack of fiber and fat in diets of people.
 The Flax is used as a medicine to treat chronic or occasional constipation, as a mild laxative nonirritating. It is also used to relieve IBS.
Cardiovascular system:
*Flax is ideal to end Arteriosclerosis, removes cholesterol in the arteries attached, multiple sclerosis, coronary thrombosis, high arterial pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and increases in blood platelets.
*It prevents the formation of blood clots and is excellent for regulating bad cholesterol.
*One characteristic of flaxseed is that it contains a substance called prostaglandin, which regulates blood pressure and arterial function and plays an important role in calcium metabolism and energy.
*Fluid retention:
*Regular consumption of flaxseed helps the kidneys to excrete water and sodium. Water retention (edema) always accompanies swelling ankles, some form of obesity, PMS, all stages of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Sexual system:
The oil in flaxseed is a natural aphrodisiac. The physical cause of impotence and frigidity is due to physical blockage of blood flow in the arteries of the pelvis. The solution is to clean the arteries in general, what can be achieved with the consumption of flaxseed, which fixes some cases of threatened abortion and sterility. We recommend flaxseed consumption during pregnancy to make this less of a problem and the child is born healthy.
Skin and hair:
With regular consumption of flaxseed, the skin becomes soft and velvety. It is useful for dry skin and skin sensitive to sunlight. It is ideal for problems like psoriasis and is also recommended as a facial mask for deep cleansing of the skin.
It is useful in treating baldness, dandruff and is used as jelly to set and nourish hair.
Regular consumption of linseed favors control glucose levels in blood, and can be consumed without problems for people who are insulin dependent.
Physical Vitality:
One of the most notable signs of improvement flaxseed consumption is progressive in the vitality and energy. Flaxseed increases metabolic rate, and the efficiency in cellular energy production. The muscles recover from exercise fatigue.

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