Doing use of this Web site, you indicate that you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions that appear or make reference in this document. If you do not agree, please you do not use this Web site. We reserved the right, to our discretion, to update or to review these terms and conditions of use. Please read this periodic report in case modifications have been realised. If you continue using this Web site after changes have been realised it means that you are in agreement with the Terms of Use.


We accept payment by Credit Card , Paypal , Western Union and Bank Transfer . The verification of the payments is necessary to process the order. In case of cancellation of the order, the money will be refunded by the same method of payment used for the purchase, unless by express coordination with the buyer by other refund way 


The customer must know the restrictions and prohibitions of the products in his country before he make the purchase , peru-sana.com will not be responsible for any incident with customs authorities of the destination country. If restrictions of the product purchased exists or the product is prohibited , our Payment Gateways will not return or refund the total paid.


From Peru , perusana.com and the Postal Service of Peru are not authorized to carry out paperwork for the release of orders held by customs in the country of destination  , that depends only on the buyer. According to the universal customs law, the Buyer is obliged to carry out this procedure since each country has its particular way of nationalizing the products that arrive in their country from abroad. It is up to the Buyer to ask Customs what documents they need to show to release their Order and to comunicate the Seller to provide the buyer with those documents if they are required.

The customs clearance of the order arrived at the country of destination depends only on the buyer. Customs clearance paperwork and any tax payments must be made by the buyer. Perusana.com will send the buyer the necessary documentation for the release of the Order if the buyer so requires, as long as the product imported to the destination country does not be prohibited

In case of that the Order is retained by customs in the country of destination or transit, the buyer must call or go to the Postal Service or Courier and ask about what he must do or what documents must be presented for the release of his retained Order and carry out the procedure informed by customs.

Note: If the buyer receives information that the seller has to release the order, it is totally false because the customs law of each country commits the buyer to the release of orders held by customs in his country and not from the country of the seller .


If the Order is seized or held by Customs in the Destiny Country , we do not make money returns or any refund .The buyer must know if the product purchased is prohibited or it has some restrictions in his country before he make the purchase . Total 100% Re-Ship  if the shipments do not arrive to the destiny country (Order lost) or if the Order arrived damaged .


Once the order is shipped, peru-sana.com will only track the order and will notify the buyer if the order is in transit, passed customs or was retained by customs in the country of destination.

The shipping Cost of the shipent will be paid along with products bought by the client. The shipments will be shipped by The Postal Service or DHL according to the buyer's choice .The buyer must know the restrictions and prohibitions of the products in his country. peru-sana.com will not be responsible for any incident with customs authorities of the destination country. If restrictions exist our Payment Gateways will not return or refund  the money received

When the Order be shipped , the buyer will receive the tracking number and the scanned copy of the Air waybill so that the buyer confirm the shipment and he can track his order shipped 


From 1 July 2021, the buyer will be required to pay import fees for all non-EU shipments arrived to Europe . We do not make refund of money if the buyer does not want pay the taxes when the order is in the european country of destiny and the Order is returned to Peru.


If the buyer wants to cancel the order ,the buyer is obligated to send a warning email to the seller inside 24 hours if the payment was made by Paypal and inside 04 hours if the payment was made by Credit Card after he did the payment. If the email is not sent by the buyer in that time , the seller assumes the purchase and payment is ok so the order will be packed and shipped. Once the order is shipped there is not refund of money.


All your shipments have a 100% of guarantee of Re-Ship ( Total Cost paid by our Company ) against lost , damage or as long as if the shipments do not arrive to the country of destiny . If The order arrives to the destiny country and it has some delay by Customs or it is seized by customs or other problem with the Postal Service in your Country , the guarantee is not applicate because the order already arrived to the destiny Country . The guarantee is executed only in case of lost or damage and not by problems with Customs of the Postal Service of Country of Destiny so there is not refund of money.

Responsibilities and Obligations of the User


In order to respect the privacy of all our clients, we have elaborated this policy of confidentiality and protection of data for the use of those data collected through our store in Internet. This policy is reflected in the following norms, that can be updated periodically, reason why the clients will have to read the same whenever they accede to the site.

You will be able to decide voluntarily free and if you wishes to provide information to peru-sana.com , in occasion of the subscription or discharge in some of our services and/or promotions offered by our store. In accordance with Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December of Protection of Data of Carácter Personal (LOPD), peru-sana.com communicates to yours clients the following considerations:


The User when to complete the registry form, will choose his Name of User and Key of Security to accede to peru-sana.com and other exclusive services for Users Registered according to get ready. The User commits itself to privily maintain the data regarding his name of user and password.


peru-sana.com ask information to customers in order to send supplies and bulletins of new features of products through peru-sana.com . In order to be able to buy them products, customers must register themself and they will voluntarily provide the personal information at the time of creating your user account of the store.


The purpose of  peru-sana.com when asking personal information of your customers, is to register to each of them in the data base and thus , in case of to have some purchase, to know whom goes directed the order as well as to know the address reception of the order.Thanks to this information,  peru-sana.com will be able to contact with them and offer variety in your products as well as to categorise to your clients according to the volume of your purchases, to obtain special discounts and to monitor the preferences of your products.


peru-sana.com will not reveal the personal data of the customers who can serve to identify them in individual form, including the information which ties the name of the customer in the peru-sana.com site with his true name, unless it has his express authorization, or when be required by judicial or legal order.


peru-sana.com has adopted safety measures of protection of data to avoid the loss, illegal use, alteration, nonauthorized access or robbery of the personal data that were facilitated to him. It despite, the client must be conscious that the safety measures in Internet are not unconquerable. The client accepts that peru-sana.com will not be responsible by the damages, of any nature, that can be derived for himself or third parties, derivatives directly or indirectly of the use of the site.

Also,  peru-sana.com informs to the users of  peru-sana.com that the sites and services of Internet to which it is acceded through this Web, can directly successfully obtain information on their person , requesting it and to have procedures of meeting of own, independent information and privacy of those of mochikashop.com that does not have responsibility by those actions or policies. 


peru-sana.com registers directions IP. Directions IP are important to make a pursuit of the sessions that the users maintain with the store. This gives to  peru-sana.com an idea of the visits that has the store; as well as of which countries this being visited the Web. We do not establish communications between the directions IP and any data that allows to make an identification personal of the users. This means that although a pursuit becomes of their session, this one will remain totally in the anonymity. 


peru-sana.com will be able to send to you, if at some time you have provided you direction of electronic mail, information related to the Web in Internet and other products and services that considers that they can get to be from your interest. It will always have the option to terminate yourself of the list, so that it will not receive plus this class of messages.


In agreement with the established in the Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, you at any moment have the possibility of acceding to the data that you have provided, to modify them, to eliminate them, to be against to them or if you prefer to drop you registry. You can write an electronic mail to perusana@gmail.com


Pasaje Ganoza 379 , Humán - Victor Larco , Trujillo



The present conditions will be interpreted and they will be in force according to the effective Peruvian legislation. The parts, with express resignation of any law that could correspond to them, put under any resulting interpretation or controversy of the present general conditions of the Peruvian Laws.


If the customer or the user uses the services offered through site of  peru-sana.com, means that he has read, understood and accepts in express form the set out terms before. It will also be understood that whenever the customer or user accedes to the site, he accepts of form express the effective norms of privacy. If he is not in agreement with them, the client will not have to provide any personal information, nor to use the service because he is not authorized to do it.