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Natural Shamppos

Brand: Kaita Model: SHAMPNACAR330
Kaita - peruvian Shampoo made of Nacre Shell, Oil Almonds and Coconut , Jar x 500 ML : It Contains shell of nacre , almonds and coconut oil, intended primarily for oily hair and brittle. Gives hair freshness, softness and protection against excessive fat accumulation and external damage. ..
Brand: Kaita Model: SHAMPOGATO330
Kaita - Peruvian Cat's Claw Shampoo , Jar x 500 ML : Made with natural products containing cat's claw extract (Uncaria tomentosa), Nettle (Uncaria dioica) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita) revitalizes and strengthens the root of the scalp preventing dandruff, giving a aspect &n..
Brand: Kaita Model: SHAMPOREVIVE330
Kaita - Peruvian Shampoo "Revive", Jar x 500 ML : Innovative formula designed for comprehensive treatment of the hair, based compound of cat's claw, nettle and aloe. Reactive circulation of the scalp and hair follicle regeneration, ideal for preventing and treating hair ..
Brand: Kaita Model: SHAMPOHNOGAL330
Kaita - Peruvian Shampoo made of American Walnut, Huito and Grape ,  Jar x 500 ML : Innovative formula contains huito extract, walnut and grape, ideal combination for dark hair , allowing look an  black hair  more intense, full of vitality and shine. Use: How to Use: A..
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Brand: Kaita Model: SHAMPOPALTA330
Kaita - Shampoo of Avocado , Oil Almond and Apple , Jar x 500 ML :  It is used for its specially selected natural components is ideal to leave your hair clean, manageable and hydrated, giving it a soft apple scent. The combination is perfect to nourish and revitalize the hair and scal..
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