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Brand: Fitosana Model: FITODELGASX100
Delgasan Fitosana - Jar x 100 Capsules : Collaborates with the loss and weight control naturally. It helps maintain your ideal figure. Its exclusive formula, whose components are traditionally used to burn fat naturally and gradually reduce weight, also helps to reduce cholesterol nat..
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Brand: Fitosana Model: YACONX100CAP
Fitosana - Yacon and Stevia, Jar x 100 Capsules : It Contains Stevia and Yacon  that will help prevent the complications of diabetes by regulating the sugar levels in the blood and stimulating the good functioning of the pancreas. Dose: 1 Tablet before the food (breakfast, lunch and di..
Brand: Fitosana Model: STEVIAX190GR
Fitosana - Peruvian Stevia Powder Flour , Jar x 70 Gr :  Peruvian Stevia is a Natural sweetener alternative to sugar, the leaves of the plant are 3 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia contains no calories and has beneficial effects as antacid, diuretic, sweetener, hipoglumiante, hypotens..
Brand: Fitosana Model: LECITSOYAX10
Fitosana - Soy Lecithin Capsules , Box of 100 Units : The Soy is the vegetable that offers better protein quality, not only by recent research to prove it, but because for millennia has been the main protein source in Asian countries, where it originated. Phosphatidylcholine, major phospho..
Brand: Fitosana Model: GRAVIOLAX10
Graviola Fitosana 350 MG each Capsule - Jar x 100 Capsules : Graviola is a plant native to the tropical regions of South America, was one of the first American fruit trees introduced to the Old World. This plant is usually green (only loses its leaves when blooming), measures 3-7 m tall with er..
Brand: Fitosana Model: FITACHIOTEX100C
Fitosana - Achiote (Bixa orellana) - Jar x 100 capsules : Achiote is a specie of tree plant of the tropical regions of America. It is attributed different therapeutic properties: astringent, antiseptic, emollient, antibacterial, antioxidant, expectorant, healing, febrifuge, stoma..
Brand: Fitosana Model: HARALCACHFX200GR
Fitosana - Artichoke Powder Flour  , Bag x 200 GR : The artichoke (Alcachofa) is one of the richest plant sources of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. It also contains fiber and cinarina, a compound known to stimulate liver function. Properties:  Protective and forti..
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Brand: Fitosana Model: GELCARACOL150CC
Fitosana - Peruvian Hydrating Gel Snail x 150 CC : It provides to our Skin, adequate nutrients and factors to regenerate elasticity favoring the process of establishing new cells and hydrating of the skin ..
Brand: Fitosana Model: CARTILAGX100
Fitosana - Peruvian Shark Cartilage Capsules , Jar x 100 Units : It has anti-inflammatory property, is rich in calcium and phosphorus, thereby assists in the treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Contains Factor  Derived  of Cartilage with antiangiogenic useful..
Brand: Fitosana Model: FITRELAXANAX100
Fitosana - Relaxana Capsules , Jar x 100 Units : It contains valerian, lettuce, chamomile, soursop, relaxing plants traditionally used to prevent stress, insomnia, anxiety and nervous disorders...
Brand: Fitosana Model: VARIXANX100C
Fitosana - Capsules of Varixan , Jar x 100 Units : Exclusive formula whose components are traditionally used to prevent the problem of varicose veins, helping to strengthen the walls of the dilated veins, reducing visibility, and also works in cases of hemorrhoids...
Brand: Fitosana Model: SABALCHOF100
Fitosana - Aloe and Artichoke ( Alcachofa) - Jar x 100 capsules : Aloe  is used for generations to prevent digestive problems such as ulcers and gastritis, as it protects the stomach walls moreover the Artichoke is an excellent liver protector.         &nbs..
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